This is the one time we'll talk about ourselves


Creative and sales under one roof. 

We know it’s unconventional but it made a ton of sense for us and our clients. We began as a creative agency working with companies large and small. When values aligned we found things to do together. As time progressed and our team grew, we found ourselves becoming more and more focussed in consumer packaged goods. Wanting to see our work have the best opportunity to succeed, we realized we could take our services a step further and get the product on the shelf. Doing so has opened a whole new level of symbiosis for us and our clients.

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One size fits all never fits all that well.


Every client has it’s own unique personality and opportunities. From the beginning we seek to learn as much as possible about our clients to determine how we can best assist and use available resources to meet their goals. Our team offers a wide range of creative, marketing and sales solutions that can flex to fill gaps and compliment our clients’ existing resources.


Our Team. 

InHouse is designed to act as an extension of small organizations and corporate marketing teams. While our principals are involved on a daily basis, our approach is centered on having a skilled and focused core team while also working with a community of freelance talent.  This allows us to expand and contract based on our clients needs.  


Ted Robb
Founder & Partner

Ryan O'Halloran
Partner  & VP

Brandt Mandrier
Partner & Creative Director

J.D. Collins
Partner & VP of Sales

Natalie Prunty
Project Manager

Jake Smith
Graphic Designer

Natalie Fry
Graphic Designer